As Good as it Gets

California dreaming . . .

. . . on such a winter's day.


You don't live in California, you Experience California.

At least, that's what the travel and tourism boards tell you.

I like to compare California to a rose, which when in bloom, is magnificent.

But when the bloom fades, you're left with the thorns and a few wilted leaves.

Experience has taught me that no place is perfect.

But, on one sunny day in January . . .

California . . .

came . . .


The top photo and the last five, were taken at Dog Beach in Del Mar on 1/18/10, where Shane and Moose enjoyed a game of fetch, in spite of the frigid water. The rose, we encountered on a walk.

The photo of Brooke and Conor was taken at Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton last summer. Conor was only a month old.

The two photos of the fire damage were taken 10/25/08


  1. great photos!

    not getting that link though... I copied and pasted. looks like you're ready for your linking lesson!

  2. Like how you laid this out. That link goes to a page if you cut and paste, but the page doesn't work. Or at least not for me.