February Makes Me Shiver

Just had to post this scrapbook page. It makes ME smile to look at it. Jeremy and Brittany are the incarnation of these two little garden love-toads. I found them (the toads - not the Millers) in the back of the shed when we bought the house. They were a bit banged up and at first, I didn't think I was going to keep them, especially since we no longer have the pond in the yard.

Then it occurred to me that they'd be darling up at the cottage, which is where they now reside - winter, summer, spring and fall - sitting patiently at the end of the drive. Each time we return, I get a little lump in my throat imagining them sitting there all alone, waiting for us to come back.

Its funny too, because I'd almost swear they change in appearance with the season. In the photo taken this winter, they appear to be shivering, whereas in the photo taken last summer with the sun filtering down through the trees, they almost look like they're enjoying the summer day.

If my grandfather were alive, he'd say it was all in my head. You decide!

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  1. sweet! I love those little toads. ooo, fun tractor pic on your sidebar. adding more and more each time I visit!