Believing in Angels

(First post in the One Little Word series)

I believe in angels,
Something good in everything I see.

I'm not sure, but I suspect I'm being stalked by an angel.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  After all, angels are messengers of God, protectors and guardians; so I suppose I have nothing to fear.

Still, I have to admit it's a bit unnerving, knowing there's an angel looking over my shoulder.

I've never questioned the existence of angels, though I admit I haven't given them much thought in recent years.  I have a dozen or so, that I hang on my tree each Christmas.  They're cherubs actually, that I bought to fill the branches of my over-sized tree, with no particular sentiment attached.

This particular angel, the new angel, came to me as a gift adorned in tissue paper, inside an ordinary looking gift bag, a week or so after Christmas. Its a solemn angel, resting on bended knees, hands folded in prayer.

I remember thinking, as the tissue fell away, that it was on odd sort of gift.  I hadn't openly expressed an interest in angels, or in religious statuary of any kind, that would prompt its purchase.

The mere idea of it, baffled me.

Did I look like the sort of person that would appreciate a plaster angel?

I took it home, and sat it on a bookshelf overlooking my desk. I still wasn't sure what to make of it.

In the weeks that followed, I kept stumbling over references to angels and the angelic, in television advertising, song lyrics, and blog posts; and with each and every mention, I thought of my angel.  Perhaps there was more to her than her plaster veneer?

If I had any doubts of her mystical intent, they were dashed when her picture appeared in an article on the front page of our local newspaper, a paper we'd seemingly purchased at whim.

I know there have been times, when God has tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention, and I disregarded the tap.

He's whispered in my ear, and I failed to recognize His voice.

This time, He sent someone knocking at my door, and I've answered.

Though her presence and message remain a mystery to me, I'll encourage her to stay a while.  Perhaps, it's a mystery we'll solve together, in time.

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom God's love, commits me here,
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

I Have a Dream, ABBA's hit song from which the introductory quote was taken, was released in 1979.

All photos taken by Mrs. Green Jeans, 2011


  1. God has gotten your attention, so don't loose the focus...He's got a plan for you...

  2. I had a similar experience I'd like to share. I had received a beautiful silver angel with colored stones when I went through chemotherapy in 2004. It was a window ornament and I had hung it in my bedroom window about a year ago. Honestly, I had all but forgotten it was there. The drapes had long been shut over it since the beginning of winter. I was taking a nice long bath, reading a book on angels and thinking to myself "can these beings really exist?" I kept contemplating this thought and wondering. When I stepped out of the bath and went into my bedroom to dress, there lay that angel in a position on our dog bed (below the window but on the outer edge)in which it could not have fallen there. (I called my husband the ex-cop in to verify!) I felt like I'd seen a ghost...it was amazing. I know angels exist! Renee J., Divide, Colorado