Fly Away

One, two, three, like a bird I sing,
'Cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings.
Tim McGraw

Some people have within themselves, the ability to inspire and empower other people.  

There once was an angel delivered from heaven without any pomp or fanfare.  And, though she appeared on earth, as a plain and simple being of modest pretensions, those that knew her perceived that she was full of God's grace.

She had an innate store of goodwill, and an infectious enthusiasm for life.  As, an anointed protectress of those in need, the tendrils of her bountiful compassion embraced the least of God's creatures. On gossamer wings, she raised the lowly, endowing each with dignity beyond their station in life. 

There were lessons to be learned from the angel, but she never lectured or preached, choosing instead, to lead by example.

She sought, and nurtured the good in all of her acolytes, encouraging us to rise above our fear and apprehension, to reach for more, to become more than we'd thought possible.

Her unfettered faith in our ability, inspired us to seek out, and find, the courage and strength necessary to spread our own wings, and fly. 

Those of us that loved her, expected that she would be amongst us forever, forgetting that while on earth, she was subject to the weight of temporal burdens. When God realized that his angel was no longer able to take flight on her own, he reached down from above, and carried her home.

Though I am no longer able to see her, the impression she made upon me lingers, and with every beat of my heart, I hear the flutter of her wings, and know, that she is with me still, telling me to fly.

In loving memory of Marilyn Donovan Fluke, March 2, 1938 - August 24, 2006

All photos by Mrs. Green Jeans, 2011

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