Peace of Mind

(A One Little Word Post - the fourth in a series.  To read my last OLW post, click here Key To A Treasure Chest)

My OLW is Mystery

With phase-one of our move to the country complete, and the last of the brown boxes, either emptied, or stowed away in the large metal container nestled in the trees, I decided to take a day for myself, to catch my breath.

After coaxing my faithful canine companion, and travel partner, Gracie, into the car, I lowered the top on the Z-4, and set off for a day of photo-pickin'.

I had every intention, of heading directly to the lake to photograph the geese, but turned the wheel impulsively to the right at the fork in the road, opting for the little dirt road that leads to one of my other favorite places, the local cemetery.

When I was a young mother, we lived in a tiny-mountain-community, in central Pennsylvania. We were known as townies, which meant that we lived between the river and the railroad track, within the confines of the city. Suffice it to say, the only real green-space within the city-limits, was the local cemetery. 

With only one car, which my husband used to travel to work, I found myself pushing the baby carriage up the steep hill that led to the cemetery on almost a daily basis, weather permitting.  

I was awed by the quiet beauty of the place, and never tired of reading the chiseled epitaphs, imagining the decedents as characters of historical fiction.  Any worries, cares or concerns I may have had while climbing the hill, were forgotten once I became lost in the mystery of those buried there.

For the next four to five months, we'll watch from our cottage window, the construction of our new house in the country.  I'm sure there'll be more stress and anxiety along the way, as there always are during times of transition.  But, sitting today in another cemetery in Pennsylvania, among those no longer bothered by worldly concerns, I felt certain, there is peace-of-mind ahead.  I need only be patient a while longer :)


  1. a wonderful post, indeed. your photos are beautiful. your insight thought provoking. glad i 'hopped' over here this morning.

  2. Beautiful photos and thoughts.

  3. Wonderful photos and great post.

  4. Beautiful photography and post, thanks for sharing with us!

  5. karen - what an inspiring post. i love your thoughts on seeing beauty all around you. i love how you tied your photo date into your word. and i really love your photos.

  6. Wonderful post and beautiful photos. Cemeteries are full of wonder and mystery.

  7. Great post. There is a certain peace about the cemetery. I want to explore our local cemetery...wish you were here.

    Ps: how in the world were you considered "townies"?! I must have missed the town. :)