A Cure For Whiny Women

The feminist revolution of the '60s and '70s, was supposed to produce a new generation of happier, confidently self-assured women who, successfully liberated of the oppressive roles traditionally associated with their gender, would be free to fully celebrate and participate in, everything life has to offer?

In fact, barriers have been broken, and women today are free to compete and secure positions in the workforce, that had once been considered, for men only. They are no longer expected to marry, stay home and have babies.

As a result, young women today, should be more content and feel more fulfilled than their mothers and grandmothers could have dreamed of being.

So, why all the whining?

What the feminists seem to have successfully produced, is a generation of stressed-out, whiny women that never seem to have enough money in the bank, hours in the day or energy to make it through a week. What happened?

Did the radical feminists push too hard? Do women today feel that they don't measure up unless they work outside the home? For the past forty years, women have been told that they cannot find personal success by being a mother and homemaker. Those that have bucked the trend and sacrificed their cultural status to be stay-at-home wives and mothers have been vilified.

As a young, stay-at-home wife and mother in the '80s, I was barraged by criticism from other women my age for 'not doing more with my life'. I still hear it from women today.

What these women can't know, is how satisfying it is to rise each morning, captain of your own destiny. There are no artificial deadlines, no bosses to please, no co-workers to deal with. If I'm tired because I had to get up in the middle of the night with a sick child, I can cat-nap the next day.

Yes, there are sacrifices. I've never owned a pair of $300 shoes or $150 designer jeans. I cleaned my own house, cooked my own meals and I've had to drive a mini-van. How gauche!

Mind you, I'm not criticizing women for choosing to work outside the home and I applaud women that manage to 'do it all' and do it well. What I do find fault with, however, are women that make that choice and then dump on the rest of us.

They whine about being tired and use it as an excuse for being dull. They show up late, if at all, to family and social functions because they were busy 'catching-up' at home. And, don't ever ask them for a favor or to lend a hand on a weekend, because that's their time. Don't look for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas card. They can't be expected to remember to send those out.

Then, to add insult to injury, we're expected to sit and listen politely to the offender go on and on about how gratifying their work is. Gag me.

What I want to do when affronted by these women, is to lock them in a room with a collection of I Love Lucy DVDs. Maybe, after watching twenty or so episodes, they'll lighten up and realize that being a woman before the 'revolution' wasn't so bad after all!

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  1. Ouch! But well said. I know for a fact that I would be one of those women if I worked outside the home, raised a family and did the zillion other things that moms/wives are expected to do every day. That is just not what I was cut out do. I greatly respect any woman that is able to do it all without a complaint, she is a superwoman in my book.

    That said...I wouldn't change my life even for a sizeable paycheck each month.