I turned on the tube this morning to hear Harry Reid telling the world that unemployed men (not women, mind you, but men only) beat their wives. Therefore, we absolutely must do something about the unemployment problem in this country. WHAT? They replayed the clip after a commercial break, confirming what I thought I'd heard a few minutes before.

Who is this person and why is he running our country?

Last night, I heard Arnold from CALLY-fornia, telling anyone that would listen, that the Tea Parties, "aren't going anywhere. . . people are just angry." WHAT? He then went on to encourage the Obama administration to be patient and stay the course.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Just ignore those silly angry people.

Last week, a professor from a university down south, got angry and opened fire on her co-workers, killing at least one of them. Guess what she wanted to know after they arrested her? If she still had a job?

This chick had actually murdered her brother (or step-brother) some years back, pleaded her case and got away with it. She then went on to obtain some sort of fancy degree, marry, have children and stay employed for several years at an American university.

Didn't anyone, family, friends or co-workers, notice that this woman was a little off?

Finally, there was the Fort Hood gunmen. An educated, intelligent and articulate doctor, employed by the United States government to counsel war vets with PTSD, that gets angry and blows away a room full of people on a US Army base.

The most unbelievable part of this story, is that the government knew he was a wacko for months before the event and did nothing to stop him. They were afraid he'd scream, "racial profiling!" Okay . . .?

Sociopaths all? I'm sincerely beginning to wonder. Is anybody normal out there? And what are we supposed to do when we suspect that somebody we know isn't operating on a full tank of gas?

I've had a few run-ins of my own, with people who aren't playing with a full deck. People who appear outwardly normal in every respect. Just don't push any wrong buttons, or get too close.

These people are master manipulators. Control freaks! Don't try to rationalize their behavior, because you can't. Don't try to reason with them, because they won't listen. And, you can't always report their weirdness to anyone of any authority. In most cases, they don't break any physical laws. They just destroy people. The best you can do, is identify their behavior as destructive, and stay away! Stay far, far away, if you can.

As far as our elected officials are concerned, we can vote those megalomaniacs out of office. The problem then becomes finding people we can trust to replace them. It all makes me want to SCREAM.

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  1. Oh my LORD! I almost crashed the car when I heard the Harry Reid comment this morning. Some people will sink to such lows to get what they want. Telling me that basically I cause domestic abuse because I don't support their job bill. What in the hell. I hope that bastard (and as many as possible of his cronies)is run out of office this fall!

    Gosh darn the crazies!